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Dick Jonas songs and sound bites also available on YouTube, Amazon, and CD Baby

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Album 32Toby Hughes:

   I've known some pretty good fighter pilot lyricists through the years, Bobby Middleton, Thud Jock, Irv LeVine, also a Thud Jock and Chip Dockery who has flown the Phantom and a bunch of other stuff. But the warrior song-writing talents of Toby Hughes are unmatched by any of us. If there is a heavy thought you want to leave to posterity and you don't know how to say it, check with Toby. He has a way of reaching into the viscera, grabbing a fistful of guts and twisting until the pain goes away. He wrote the title song to this album, The Light In The Window. It is a tribute to those who had the toughest mission in any war -- stay home and wait.

Bridget Bradshaw:

   Bridget is two or three generations younger than those lyricists mentioned above. The Vietnam War had come and gone, and Desert Storm was on the horizon when she was born. Her eight songs on this album illustrate the changes which evolve in the warrior's psyche as the generations come and go.

Jake Brooks:

   Jake is a Tennessee songwriter with a keen perception of where the American common man finds himself today. You'll discover in his three songs Jake's convictions about the noble, courageous heart and soul of American tradition.

   Special thanks to my baby daughter, Angela Jonas, for her most excellent vocal rendition of Mom and Me.

Dick Jonas

1. The Light In The Window
Fighter Plane
10. No-Son-Of-A-Gun's Gonna Take My Gun
2. Mom and Me (Angela Jonas)
11. Off To War
3. Old Farts
12. Warthog
4. Willing To Fight
13. Son of the Warrior
5. Single Gold Bar
14. Whiskey Bill
6. Kay Cee One Three Five
15. Take a Stand
7. Red, White and Blue
16. Itazuke Tower
8. FNG
17. Medevac
9. Bill Kirk

Album disks available at Erosonic and The River Rat Country Store. Downloads and streams available at iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite download site.

The songs in this album come from a 2-set show at Randolph AFB TX. Set 1 was done for the San Antonio River Rats. Set-2 beginning at Cut 11 RBAAB was somewhat impromptu and a bit rowdier for a younger set of Air Force flyers. Also, present for Set-2 was a contingent of Strike Eagle jocks. No clue where they came from.

This album represents a landmark and a homecoming. I never dreamed when I wrote my first fighter pilot songs in the Vietnam War that there would someday be 30 disks. And I also never dreamed when I did my first show with Charlie Huff at Randolph AFB TX at a POW reunion in the mid 70s, that we would be raising hell at Randolph nearly 50 years later singing songs and spinning yarns like we did in the long ago. It kinda reminds me that he and I are still alive.

  1. Huff intro Jonas
  2. Itazuke Tower
  3. Throw a Nickel On the Grass
  4. Huff: How To Make Major
  5. Reunion
  6. Jonas intro Hughes
  7. Battle Hymn of the Red River Rats
  8. Huff Coathangers
  9. 69BRD
  10. Tchepone
  11. RBAAB
  12. I Wish I Had a Gun
  13. Strike Eagle
  14. Ain't No Fighter Pilots Down In Hell
  15. Ballad of Jeb Stuart
  16. Nipple On the Grass

  1. Tales that I can tell
  2. Ballad of Robin Olds
  3. Little Town Up North
  4. Let's Get Away With It All
  5. Thud Pilot
  6. Yankee Air Pirate
  7. Banana Valley
  8. MiG 21
  9. Satan's Angels Toast
  1. Intro to Rest of Songs
  2. Will There Be a Tomorrow
  3. Normandy's Sand
  4. Blue Four
  5. Son of Satan's Angels
  6. Wolfpack's Houseboy
  7. Heinz E. Coordes
  8. FSH, Satan's Angels

Super Saber Society

  1. Hun Drivers In the Sky
  2. Throw a Nickel On the Grass
  3. Itazuke Tower
  4. Sandy Low
  5. Battle Hymn RRR
  6. I've Been Everywhere
  7. RBAAB
  8. Bud Day Tribute
  9. Thud Pilot
  10. Give Me Operations
  11. Son of Satan's Angels
  12. Kay Cee One Three Five
  1. Wolfpack's Houseboy
  2. Ain't No Fighter Pilots Down In Hell
  3. BUFF
  4. I Wish I Had a Gun Just Like the
  5. Little Brown Mouse
  6. It's a Lie
  7. My Father Was a Fireman
  8. Airman's Toast
  9. Nipple On the Grass
  10. F-4 Backseater
  11. I Don't Want To Join the Army
  12. My Husband's a Colonel

Dick Jonas Live
  1. Throw a Nickel On the Grass
  2. Boozin Buddies
  3. Battle Hymn of the River Rats
  4. Ballad of Robin Olds

  1. Itazuke Tower
  2. Yankee Air Pirate
  3. Wrench Bender's Revolt
  4. Ballad of Jeb Stuart
  5. Korean Waterfall
  6. God Bless the Gun Plumber
  7. Crack Went the Rifle
  8. 2061 Days
  9. Blue Four
  10. Wolfpack's Houseboy
  11. I've Been Everywhere
  12. Son of Satan's Angels

  1. F-4 Back-Seater
  2. Thud Pilot
  3. Bugsmasher
  4. Give Me Operations

  1. Tales That I Can Tell
  2. The Ballad Of Robin Olds
  3. Little Town Up North
  4. Son Of Satan's Angels
  5. Thud Pilot
  6. Homeward Bound
  7. Yankee Air Pirate
  8. Will There Be A Tomorrow
  9. Banana Valley
  10. Thunder Thud Mission
  11. The MiG-21
  12. A Fighter Pilot's Christmas
  1. Battle Hymn of the Red River Rats
  2. Wolfpack's Houseboy
  3. Blue Four
  4. Pine Cones and Oak Leaves
  5. Normandy's Sand
  6. Old Weird Harold
  7. Uncle's Nephews
  8. I 'Druther Be an F-4 Jock
  9. Short Timing Sailor Boy
  10. Love Angel
  11. I've Been Everywhere Song Sample
  12. Machete Flight
  1. Wrench Bender's Revolt
  2. God Bless the Gun Plumber
  3. Ballad of Jeb Stuart
  4. Thanh Hoa Bridge
  5. Pull the Boom From the Gashole
  6. Old Henry's Hoss Song Sample
  7. Sharecroppin'
  8. Seven Little Chartreuse Men
  9. Saydee Bel
  10. Seaboard Line
  11. Angelina
  12. Loving Her Was Easier

Swamp Fox Nickle on the Glass
  1. Swamp Fox Sample Song
  2. Raggedy-Ass Militia
  3. Great White Whale
  4. Big BX
  5. El Gato
  6. RBAAB
  7. Sidewinder
  8. F-5E
  9. 2061 Days
  10. CGS
  11. Genuine Good Bitch
  12. T. Mike
  1. Throw a Nickel On the Grass Song Sample
  2. Lady In Red
  3. Ain't No Fighter Pilots Down In Hell
  4. Little Brown Mouse
  5. It's a Lie
  6. Give Me Operations
  7. Marauder
  8. Air Corps Lament
  9. I Wanted Wings
  10. Bronco
  11. Ultra Hog
  12. Viet Vet
  13. Be-No
  14. 30-Plus Month Tour
  1. Itazuke Tower Song Sample
  2. DaNang Lullabye
  3. Korean Waterfall
  4. And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
  5. Strike Eagle
  6. Crack Went the Rifle
  7. Grunt
  8. Another Old Soldier
  9. Stand To Your Glasses
  10. Man Who Flies the Back Seat
  11. Heinz E. Coordes
  12. Let's Get Away With It All
  13. Strafing 'Round the Mountain
  14. Fireball

Vol. 7: Cold Warrior Vol. 8: Boozin' Buddies Vol. 9: God Bless America
  1. Cold Warriors Song Sample
  2. O-1E
  3. F-4 Back Seater
  4. Rollin' In My F-105
  5. Bobby Watson
  6. My Husband's a Colonel
  7. Cold Black D. C. Wall
  8. Early Abort
  9. Get Me Out of Vietnam
  10. Robin Olds
  11. The Chief
  12. Warrior Bards
  13. Kansas Flash
  14. Yodel-de-O
  15. Rollin' In My F-105
  1. Boozin' Buddies Sample Song
  2. Yay-Boo
  3. Airman's Toast
  4. Golden Jock Strap
  5. Benny Havens, Oh
  6. Peacemaker
  7. Roll Your Leg Over
  8. Buff
  9. Hey, Mr. Taliban
  10. The Last Fighter Pilot
  11. Reunion
  12. I Don't Want To Join the Army
  13. Wake Island
  14. What the Captain Means
  1. God Bless America Sample Song
  2. America the Beautiful/This Land
  3. This is My Country
  4. How Great Thou Art
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. Danny Boy
  7. Marine Hymn
  8. Ain't Gonna Rain No More
  9. Futures
  10. GIB Named Richard
  11. Bless 'Em All
  12. Teak Lead
  13. TV Commercials
  14. Drugstore Cowboy

Album 11 Passing the Flame
  1. Hey, Mr. Taliban
  2. Throw a Nickle On the Grass
  3. Son of Satan's Angels
  4. Korean Waterfall
  5. Pull the Boom
  6. Yodel-de-O
  7. Thanh Hoa Bridge
  8. Give Me Operations
  9. Superman
  10. My Brother Was a Fireman
  11. The Wild West Show
  12. Sally in the Alley
  13. T. Mike
  14. 322FS History Song
  15. I've Been Everywhere
  16. Ballad of Jeb Stuart
  17. RBAAB
  18. Crack Went the Rifle
  19. Woody's Song
  20. Swamp Fox
  21. 322 Fighting Song
  22. Aye-Yi-Yi-Yi
  23. Banana Valley
  24. Royal Goddam Dutch Sample Song
  1. Missing Man
  2. Come and Join the Air Force Song Sample
  3. Co-Pilot's Lament
  4. Bucanneers
  5. ORI
  6. Bill Anders
  7. Sher-Babes
  8. GIB
  9. Delta Dawn
  10. Bernie Fisher
  11. One-Level Gunner
  12. Rolling Thunder
  13. Prowlin'
  14. Holy Shit!
  15. Sinha Hero
  16. Old O-2 Pilot's Tale
  17. My Iraqi Hacienda
  18. Don't Bust Your Ass Fighter Pilot
  19. Tanker's Yodel
  1. Passing the Flame
  2. I've Been Everywhere
  3. Lakes of Tally-Ho
  4. Call Out the Goddam Reserves
  5. ZPU Gunner
  6. Doumer Bridge
  7. Cav Tanker's Boogie
  8. The Choir
  9. Mamas Don't Let Your Babies
  10. Goin' In For Guns Sample Song
  11. TDY Again
  12. Sammy Small
  13. I Wish I Had a Gun Just Like the A-10
  14. Bingo Over Baghdad
  15. A-10
  16. Nipple On the Grass

Album 13 1. Twin-Tailed Lightning Sample Song 8. Air Force 801
2. My Grandpa's a Fighter Pilot 9. Yankee Air Pirate
3. Yankee Air Pirate In Me 10. Son of Woody Juvat
4. Death Rains Down 11. Drag Index On the Rise
5. Hit the Jet's a-Runnin' 12. Freedom Bird
6. Strafin' 'Round the Mountain 13. We've Been Everywhere
7. Korean Waterfall 14. Juvat History Song

The Girl I Left Behind Two Great Bull Durham Albums on one Disc!

Songs of SAC Songs of S.E.A.
  1. The Girl I Left Behind Song Sample
  2. Old Love Affair
  3. San Antonio Rose
  4. Miriah
  5. Long Black Veil
  6. Wayward Wind
  7. Fraulein
  8. Geisha Girl
  9. Filipino Baby
  10. Viet Nam Rose
  11. Girls Along the Youkon
  12. When the Roses Bloom Again
  13. Barbara Allen
  14. Wild Side of Life
  15. Gone With The Wind
  1. Sad Sack
  2. Home on the Pad
  3. 18 Hours
  4. Happy SAC Warrior Song Sample
  5. Hang Down Your Boom
  6. SAC Lament
  7. Old "97"
  8. There Are No SAC Crewmembers Down In Hell
  9. The Pad
  10. The Crew That Never Returned
  1. Freedom Thread
  2. Jolly Green
  3. Mighty Dustoff
  4. Dear M'am Your Son Is Dead
  5. I Fly The Line
  6. Crack Went The Rifle
  7. My God How the Morters Roll In
  8. Saigon Girls
  9. Puff the Magic Dragon
  10. Tchepone
  11. Republic's Ultra Hog
  12. Jesus Wept

Live at the Sand Trap


Dos Gringos

Direct from the desert skies of Southwest Asia 12 brand new fighter pilot songs by America's newest song warriors.
  1. World War III
  2. 2's Blind
  3. I Dropped the Bomb
  4. Jeremiah Weed
  5. Predator Eulogy
  6. I'm a Pilot
  7. JDAM Blues
  8. Last of the Breed
  9. The Bitch Spent All My Money
  10. The Wingmen
  11. The Hound War Song
  12. Last Song on the CD?

Chris "Snooze" Kurek and Rob "Trip" Raymond are Dos Gringos. They are two F-16 Viper Jocks singing the songs of this generation of fighter pilots. Click on their names for their biographies.




"2" by Dos Gringos

2 1. Going in for Guns 8. Sammy Small
2. I wish I had a gun just like the A-10 9. Back in the LPA
3. I want to take off from a carrier 10. Has anybody seen my wingman?
4. At least I'm not the Snacko 11. 12 inch penis
5. You've got to be in the Guard 12. Heat's not gay
6. The legend of Shaved Dog's Ass 13. Squiggly porn
7. S.O.S 14. The things I love

Live At Tommy Rockers by Dos Gringos

1. Going in for Guns 10. World War III
2. I Want to Takeoff from a Carrier 11. Predator Eulogy
3. Hound War Song 12. Squiggly Porn
4. The Wingman 13. The Bitch Spent All My Money
5. Back in the LPAS 14. HLTC
6. Last of the Breed 15. Jeremiah Weed
7. The One Song (Operation Noble Eagle) 16. The Legend of Shaved Dog's Ass
8. TDY Again 17. I'm a Pilot
9. My Wife's Vibrator 18. 2's Blind

El Quatro 1. Ballad of Thunderbird 2 7. Code Brown
2. I'm a FAIP 8. AFN
3. My Wife's Vibrator 9. I Don't Want to Join the Air Force
4. Boots on the Ground 10. Left Behind
5. You Told Me I Would Be a Fighter Pilot 11. That Thing We Never Talk About
6. TAMI 21 12. Thank You


1. Armed Recce 10. Bernie Fisher
2. Tchepone 11. Tally Ho Tonight
3. Cobra Seven 12. GIB
4. Tree Buster 13. Troops In Contact
5. Ho Chi Minh Trail 14. The Lakes of Tally Ho
6. 160 VC In the Open 15. Sher-Babes
7. Delta Dawn 16. Song of the In-Country War
8. The One-Level Gunner 17. Reunion
9. Rolling Thunder 18. Armed Recce: Inst reprise

High Priced Help

The High Priced Help was a quartet of U.S. Army helicopter pilots assigned to the 174th Assault Helicopter Company at Fort Benning, Georgia, and transferred to the Republic of Vietnam in March 1966. They were stationed at Lane Army Heliport, west of Qui Nhon. In addition to their military responsibilities, the group volunteered to entertain the units of the 14th Combat Aviation Battalion at Lane AHP and at hospitals, clubs, and many field locations throughout Vietnam.

The quartet composed and sang these songs in 1966 and 1967 to entertain and relieve the stresses of daily combat; the songs do not necessarily express the views held today. This CD was reproduced using the tape that the group recorded in the Officers' Club at Lane AHP on February 27th, 1967.

1. Introduction 2. Vietnam 3. Peter Pilot
4. Early Mornin' Rain 5. Three Jolly Coachman 6. Black Sam
7. Man Smart (Woman Smarter) 8. All My Trials 9. Slope Chung Be
10. Wimoweh 11. Always Give A Try 12. Jesus (Met the Woman)
13. Saigon Girls 14. Blowin' in the Wind 15. Cheo Reo Tower
16. If I had a Hammer 17. Wild Bill 18. Drunken Sailor
19. They Call The Wind Maria 20. Just Behind The Battle 21. (I'm Heading Where Those) Chilly Winds
22. Army Pilots 23. Sloop John B 24. General Seneff
25. Fare Thee Well    

In Country
Songs made by the men who served in the Vietnam War

1. Green T-Shirt Blues - Saul Broudy 2. Grunt - Bill Ellis 3. Six Clicks - Chuck Rosenberg
4. Saigon Warrior - Saul Broudy 5. First Cav - Bill Ellis 6. Ho Chi Minh Trail - Toby Hughes
7. The Panther Pack Is Prowling / Ling Po Drove the Truck Away - Chip Dockery 8. King of the Trail - Chip Dockery 9. Tchepone - Toby Hughes
10. Sitting In the Cab of My Truck -
     Chip Dockery
11. Ba Muoi Ba - Chuck Rosenberg 12. Pull the Boom From the Gashole - Dick Jonas
13. Jolly Green - Bull Durham 14. Cobra Seven - Toby Hughes 15. Green Beret and Friendly FAC - Chuck Rosenberg
16. Firefight - Bill Ellis 17. Will There Be a Tomorrow - Dick Jonas 18. I've Been Everywhere - Chip Dockery
19. Here I Sit - Saul Broudy 20. DaNang Lullaby - Bull Durham 21. Fighter Pilot's Christmas - Dick Jonas
22. Chu Yen - Saul Broudy 23. Boonie Rat Song - Chuck Rosenberg 24. Battle Hymn of the River Rats - Dick Jonas
25. Crack Went the Rifle - Bull Durham 26. Freedom Bird - Bill Ellis 27. Played Around and Stayed Around Vietnam Too Long

The Heritage Collection

  1. Korean Waterfall
  2. Early Abort
  3. Thud Pilot
  4. I 'Druther Be an F-4 Jock
  5. The MiG-21
  6. Throw a Nickel On the Grass Sample Song
  7. Give Me Operations
  8. Bless 'Em All
  9. Strike Eagle
  10. Marauder
  11. RBAAB
  12. F-5E
  13. Bronco
  14. Peacemaker
  15. Buff
  16. Futures
  1. Son of Satan's Angels Sample Song
  2. Ballad of Jeb Stuart
  3. Cold Warriors
  4. Heinz E. Coordes
  5. T. Mike
  6. Bill Anders
  7. Machete Flight
  8. Wrench Bender's Revolt
  9. God Bless the Gun Plumber
  10. Old Weird Harold
  11. The Ballad of Robin Olds
  12. Saydee Bel
  13. Angelina
  14. Sidewinder
  15. 2061 Days
  16. Swamp Fox Sample Song
  17. Raggedy-Ass Militia
  18. Great White Whale
  19. The Chief
  20. Teak Lead
  21. Buccaneers
  1. Strafing 'Round the Mountain
  2. Battle Hymn of the Red River Rats
  3. Wolfpack's Houseboy
  4. Normandy's Sand
  5. Seven Little Chartreuse Men
  6. Ballad of the CGS
  7. Sharecroppin'
  8. Short Timing Sailor Boy
  9. Seaboard Line
  10. DaNang Lullabye
  11. TV Commercials
  12. Love Angel
  13. El Gato
  14. Fireball
  15. Drugstore Cowboy
  16. Thanh Hoa Bridge
  17. Old Henry's Hoss Sample Song
  18. Little Town Up North
  19. Banana Valley
  20. A Fighter Pilot's Christmas
  21. Blue Four
  22. Pine Cones and Oak Leaves

  1. Ain't No Fighter Pilots Down In Hell
  2. Lady In Red
  3. Little Brown Mouse
  4. It's a Lie
  5. I Wanted Wings
  6. My Husband's a Colonel
  7. Yay - Boo
  8. Airman's Toast
  9. Roll Your Leg Over
  10. Don't Want To Join the Army
  11. What the Captain Means
  12. My Father Was a Fireman
  13. Wild West Show
  14. Sally In the Alley
  15. Royal Goddam Dutch Sample Song
  16. Call Out the Goddam Reserves
  17. Nipple On the Grass
  18. Aye-Yi-Yi-Yi (with Irv LeVine)
  1. Boozin' Buddies Sample Song
  2. Pull the Boom From the Gashole
  3. Tales That I Can Tell
  4. Yankee Air Pirate
  5. Uncle's Nephews
  6. 30-Plus Month Tour
  7. Stand To Your Glasses
  8. Will There Be a Tomorrow
  9. Genuine Good Bitch
  10. Big BX
  11. Be-No
  12. Viet Vet
  13. Come and Join the Air Force Sample Song
  14. Man Who Flies the Back Seat
  15. Air Corps Lament
  16. Co-Pilot's Lament
  17. Let's Get Away With It All
  18. Passing the Flame
  1. One - Level Gunner -Toby & Chip
  2. Benny Havens, Oh -Toby
  3. The Last Fighter Pilot -Toby
  4. Holy Shit! -Chip
  5. ZPU Gunner -Chip
  6. Delta Dawn -Toby & Chip
  7. The Lakes of Tally Ho -Toby
  8. Cobra Seven -Toby
  9. Tree Buster -Toby
  10. Ho Chi Minh Trail -Toby
  11. Reunion -Toby

  1. Son of Woody Juvat; JBC
  2. O-1E; Irv
  3. Nail 57; Irv
  4. Brother Warrior; Irv
  5. Old O-2 Pilot's Tale; Irv
  6. Yodel-de-O ; Irv
  7. Golden Jock Strap; Irv
  8. 322FS History; Irv
  9. 322FS Fight Song; Irv
  10. Don't Bust Your Ass Fighter Pilot; Irv
  11. Tanker's Yodel; Irv
  12. Doumer Bridge; Irv
  13. Cav Tanker's Boogie; Irv
  14. My Grandpa's a Fighter Pilot; JBC
  15. Yankee Air Pirate In Me; JBC
  16. Korean Waterfall; JBC
  17. F-4 Back-Seater; Dick Jonas
  1. Son of Satan's Angels Sample Song
  2. Yankee Air Pirate
  3. Little Town Up North
  4. Banana Valley
  5. Battle Hymn of the Red River Rats
  6. Wolfpack's Houseboy
  7. Thanh Hoa Bridge
  8. 30-plus Month Tour
  9. Pine Cones and Oak Leaves
  10. Old Weird Harold
  11. Uncle's Nephews
  12. Short Timing Sailor Boy
  13. Love Angel
  14. God Bless the Gun Plumber
  15. Old Henry's Hoss
  16. Seaboard Line
  17. Angelina
  18. Big BX
  19. Wrench Bender's Revolt
  20. Pull the Boom From the Gashole
  1. Tales That I Can Tell
  2. Normandy's Sand
  3. Will There Be A Tomorrow
  4. I 'Druther Be An F-4 Jock
  5. Thud Pilot
  6. The MiG-21
  7. Bugsmasher
  8. Ballad of Robin Olds
  9. Drugstore Cowboy
  10. 2061 Days
  11. Danny Boy (Angela)
  12. A Fighter Pilot's Christmas
  13. Ballad Of Jeb Stuart
  14. Blue Four
  15. Boozin' Buddies Sample Song
  16. Amazing Grace (Angela)
  17. Summertime's a-Comin' (Angela)
  18. Intelligent Design (Angela)
  19. Echoing Violet (Tyler)
  20. Runaway (Tyler)


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