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Heinz E. Coordes

Copyright © 2006 Dick Jonas, All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1997 Dick Jonas. All rights reserved. Words and music: Dick Jonas; Erosonic/BMI

Once there was an F-4 jock
By the name of Heinz E. Coordes
Heinz was long and lank and mean
And a man of very few words
Heinz was a GIB that knew his stuff in bomb and strafe and cap
He could navigate his AC to any place that's on the map

Heinz' AC was Leo Hicks Field grade and debonair
But he wouldn't go to Route Pack Six Unless ol' Heinz was there
Leo said, "I got a shit-hot GIB that really knows his stuff;
If you play poker with Heinz E. Coordes, don't never call his bluff!"