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Itazuke Tower

Arrangement Copyright © 1997 Dick Jonas. All rights reserved. Original song, "Wabash Cannonball," by A. P. Carter; Peer international Corporation/BMI; parody Iyricist unknown; arrangement by Dick and Mary Jonas; Air Force traditional, via Bill Getz in "The Wild Blue Yonder"


For decades after the end of WWII, we had Air Force fighters stationed at Itazuke Air Base, Japan. Several years ago, we cleared out and turned Itazuk'' back over to the Japanese.

Since time immemorial, there has been a running gun battle between fighter pilots and those who support them: wrench benders, gun plumbers, bean counters, cooks; you name it. Yes; even air traffic controllers. Our complaint is that there's never enough from the support pukes, and if there's a way to fuck up something they'll find it. Theirs is that fighter jocks are a bunch of ignorant, ungrateful prima donnas who don't know when they are well off. I, of course, am not the one to referee this rhubarb.

With the help of my clever wife, Mary, I have put a fighter jock's spin on the last verse of this revered anthem. She figures that if the tower's the reason Air Force 801 bit the dust, they sure as hell ought to pay the price. Bless that child!

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